Projects 2021

Construction of a teacher´s house for 10 teachers

As Hamukaka Municipality and Amasiko Green School are located in a rural and hardly accessible area, it is important to offer attractive working conditions in order to keep the current teachers at the school and to be able to recruit new qualified teachers. Against this background, the construction of a teacher´s house for 10 teachers is considered urgent by the local school board. The construction of this teacher´s house will provide adequate sleeping and working facilities for the teachers. The excavation and foundation works have started in October 2021 under the supervision of the local master mason Kabarebe and will provide employment and income for several men from the community. Furthermore, 2 apprenticeship contracts for the building trade are agreed upon with graduates of the 7th grade and the master mason Kabarebe. The latter commits to teach and guide the trainees.





Official registration of the Amasiko Greenschool

Although the school was still closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic in October 2020, site inspections by the state school inspectors took place several times during this period. The aim of these assessments was the official registration of the school by the Ugandan education authority. With great commitment from the entire school staff and especially the Technical Director, Frank Akankwasa, this goal has now been achieved. On 15.02.2021, Amasiko Greenschool received the official registration, and on 30.03.2021, Frank Akankwasa proudly received the certificate in Kampala.

The official registration replaces the preliminary permission to operate the school and allows it to teach up to grade 7 and to award the graduates a state-recognised degree.
However, this registration does not include a contribution by the Ugandan state to the costs of running the school.
The following requirements of the school authorities must be carried out:

Construction of a fence

The school authorities require the erection of a fence along the road dividing the school grounds to protect the children.
Amasiko e.V. will cover the costs for the construction of this fence!

The works for the construction of this fence are in full swing and are led by the master mason Kabarebe.

Larger classrooms

The school authorities are requesting 2 new, larger classrooms, a demand that Amasiko e.V. fully supports. The current classrooms can no longer meet the requirements of the ever increasing number of pupils. Amasiko e.V. The teachers and the technical director therefore see the construction of a new school building as the most urgent task. The building that has become too small could then be used for the installation of a library, for the school administration and for a future small health centre for the school and the community.
Amasiko e.V. supports this important project.


New research project: Water supply concept for Amasiko Greenschool and Hamukaka village (Uganda) (Cooperation)

As already outlined in “Projects 2020”, the development of a concept for supplying the population with clean drinking water is particularly important for Amasiko e.V. This is being done with the support of the Technical University Darmstadt. We are pleased that the concept was presented in the newsletter of the IWAR Institute.

We are grateful for this support!

‚The Department of Water Supply and Groundwater Protection, in cooperation with the German development association “Amasiko e.V.”, is supporting the social non-profit enterprise Amasiko Greenschool & Resource Center ( in Uganda in developing a concept for establishing a hygienically safe water supply. The project area is located in the extreme southwest of the country in the Kabale district near the border to Rwanda on a peninsula at Lake Bunyonyi. The heart of the project is a school complex consisting of several buildings including a kitchen and sanitary facilities.

Based on an analysis of the local framework conditions, it will be examined which of the available water resources (lake water, groundwater, spring water and bank filtrate) are suitable in combination with which technical solutions to improve the water supply situation. In this context, conceptual variants will be developed, in which the socio-economic aspects will also be taken into account. On the basis of an on-site visit, the different variants are then to be examined and the planning made more concrete.‘

Department of Water Supply and Groundwater Protection
Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. nat. techn. Wilhelm Urban
Julian Mosbach, M.Sc.

Source: Newsletter Institute IWAR, TU Darmstadt, edited by the Association for the Promotion of the Institute IWAR e.V. Edition 2 | 2020