Projects 2020


The Covid-19 virus has also arrived in Uganda

This also affects our project work this year. Even worse, however, are the drastic social consequences for the population: public transport has been completely shut down, private vehicles are not allowed to carry more than 3 people and shared taxis are no longer allowed to take passengers. All public meetings are banned, churches and schools have been closed by the authorities.

Amasiko Greenschool is also temporarily closed!

We will, however, continue our work for Uganda despite all adverse circumstances.

Our support is needed now more than ever.

The spread of the virus, especially in a country like Uganda with its fragile and poor health system, is hard to bear for the people. The fear that food will soon no longer be affordable is therefore comprehensible.

Call for help from Uganda

Amasiko Greenschool sent a call for help to Amasiko e.V. in April 2020 with the request for a one-time support. The purchase of food supplies is intended to reduce the financial burden on the parents. Above all, the children should also receive a proper food supply during the time the school is closed down.

The community leader and technical director of the school, Frank Akankwasa, has drawn up a list of 200 families whose children attend the school. We support these families by buying one bag each of 25 kg of maize flour for the preparation of posho, the traditional staple food, and 12 kg of beans.

Amasiko e.V. and the Dutch organisation LCP (Let the children play) immediately transferred € 2,500 each as emergency aid in a coordinated action. This will secure the basic needs of about 200 families for about 4 – 6 weeks.

Covid-19 Aid „Food supply“

Arrival, storage and distribution of maize flour and beans

The board of Amasiko e.V. is in close contact with the local partners to discuss further sustainable measures in these extraordinarily difficult times.

Your donations arrive!

Schools remain officially closed for classes during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Amasiko e.V. is reacting to the Covid-19 outbreak and the resulting restrictions on public transport. In order to ensure mobility and to facilitate contact with the outside world in emergencies, Amasiko eV. has donated a motorbike for Amasiko Greenschool. The school’s technical director, Frank Akankwasa (see photo), is responsible for the use, maintenance and care of the motorbike.

But the signs are already pointing to reopening of the school!

Renovation and cleaning works by the teachers.

After these works, the buildings will receive a new coat of paint.

Techer’s conference

In addition to improvements in teaching content, the weekly conferences also focus on improving the financial sustainability of the school for the future.

Water container for hygienic hand cleaning

In preparation for the re-start of the school, the Board has discussed with the teachers about the purchase of water containers for hygienic hand washing of the students. The teachers will be instructed in hygienic hand washing by the Technical Director. The first water containers were installed and placed in front of each school door in September 2020. This measure was positively welcomed by the school inspectors.

Frank Akankwasa and the teachers at the new hand washing stands

Opening the school for the 7th graduating class

Due to an improvement of the Covid-19 situation, classes can be held again in the 7th graduating class since 15 October.

The following projects were completed in 2019/2020


The kindergarten for the youngest children now looks really good. A retaining wall was built to secure the site, as the photo impressively shows.

The chairs and tables were provided by the Dutch organisation LCP (Let the children play).

During an on-site visit by members of Amasiko e.V., a list of missing items such as cupboards and teaching materials was drawn up. The purchase of these items will be discussed at the next general assembly.

School kitchen and shelter for the children

A shelter for the children queuing for school meals was missing until now. The work began in October 2019. Now the children are no longer exposed to the sun and rain without protection.

Situation till October 2019

Start of construction October 2019

Completion in August 2020

The now existing shelter for the school kitchen is now waiting for reopening of the school. Dishwashing facilities and storage shelves are still missing.

Donations for this are most welcome!

Retaining wall to stabilise the school kitchen

As in the kindergarten building, a retaining wall had to be built for the school kitchen. This was completed on site by master mason Kabarebe. Thus the slope at this building is also secured against erosion and slides.

Lightning rods

The region in southern Uganda is one of the most thunderstorm-prone areas in the world. So the risk of an electrical impact is always there. Wilfried van der Veen, our man on the ground and head of Amasiko Resource Center, and Frank Akankwasa, the technical director of the school, discussed the situation in detail with the board of Amasiko e.V.The region in southern Uganda is one of the most thunderstorm-prone areas in the world. So the risk of an electrical impact is always there. Wilfried van der Veen, our man on the ground and head of Amasiko Resource Center, and Frank Akankwasa, the technical director of the school, discussed the situation in detail with the board of Amasiko e.V.

After obtaining a cost estimate, we were able to have lightning conductors for the school, school kitchen, kindergarten and administration building installed by a Ugandan specialist company.

Now the school, the school kitchen, the kindergarten and the administration building are protected.

Improving the labour situation of teachers

Our planned construction of the teachers’ house in 2019 has been delayed because the ownership of the land has still not been clarified, thus delaying this project. Nevertheless, we want to strengthen the labour situation of the teachers on site.

The technical director of the school needs an internet connection with solar power to organise the school. After receiving a cost estimate, we will support this project.

Development of a water supply concept

The supply of hygienically safe drinking water is not guaranteed for our school and the villagers. Until now, they are using rainwater, partly also lake water, without it having been purified beforehand. This results in potential health risks, which we want to minimise by developing and implementing a water supply concept.

We are very pleased to have gained a very renowned expert in Prof. Wilhelm Urban from the TU Darmstadt, Institute IWAR, who will support us in this task by supervising a Master’s thesis and providing his technical expertise.

In a first step, BSc. Moritz Funke will develop a concept and assess the potentially available water resources (groundwater, spring water, rainwater and lake water) with regard to their advantages and disadvantages.
In a second step, he will accompany the implementation on site for the preferred variants.

We thank for this support!