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Travel preparations

January 2024

The preparations for the trip to Hamukaaka have been carried out again, the suitcases with the donations in kind, especially the safety shoes for the craftsmen, are packed. Some members of Amasiko e.V. will visit the Amasiko Greenschool and the community of Hamukaka in February. We are all curious to see the completion of the solar system.

Photo: Eric




Another surprise awaits the members of Amasiko e.V. – the completion of the babysitting room. This is where the teachers’ babies will be looked after during lessons.

Photo: Nice


MAY 2023

In May 2023, there were heavy and abundant rains in the Hamukaka area. As a result, the highway to Kabale was blocked by landslides. Likewise, at one point on the main link between Kabale and Rwanda, the road washed out and broke away. This meant that the road was impassable. In the meantime, driving with two-wheelers is possible again in some places.












Photos Nice



The damage to agriculture and associated crop losses are not yet foreseeable.


MARCH 2023

After the spacious residential building was completed, more site work was required. In March 2023, construction began on various small and large retaining walls to stabilize the slope. Likewise, the ground in front of the house was leveled. Without technical aids, the strenuous work was carried out with heavy stones. Our thanks go to the construction workers and master mason Kabarebe.

Photo Frank





Photo Jolanda


March 2023

In September 2022 a delegation of Amasiko e.V. visited Amasiko Greenschool. During this visit, a walk-through of the school grounds was also made. Thereby the existing buildings were checked. With the technical director Frank it was determined that the toilet building needs to be renovated. In March 2023, the repair work began. Now the building shines again in new splendor.

Photos: Frank



Anna Lena Rüddenklau has successfully completed her Bachelor´s thesis  in Environmental Engineering at TU Darmstadt. The thesis ” Development and Evaluation of Water Supply Concepts for a School in Uganda” which was graded ´Very Good`examines the various options for supplying hygienically safe drinking water taking the Amasiko Greenschool as an example. During a project stay on site, she collected basic data on the quantity and quality of water resources and analyzed the framework conditions and implementation options for various supply concepts. Potential water resources  are the lake, rainwater and a spring in the relative vicinity of the school. The multi-dimensional investigation and evaluation under the aspects of technology, environment, social aspects and costs comes to the result and the recommendation to use the spring as the most suitable resource. A more detailed presentation of the results will be posted under the ‘Projects`folder at a later date. The work provides a very good basis for decision- making on establishing  a reliable supply of hygienically safe drinking water for the school. The inhabitants of Hamukaka should also benefit from the project and have access to the planned supply station.

We thank Anna Lena for her dedicated work and congratulate her on her successful completion. We would also like to thank Prof. Wilhelm Urban and his research assistants Julian Mosbach and Frederik Kip from the Department of Water Supply and Groundwater Protection for their professional supervision and advice on the work as well as their technical and logistical support during the project stay.


Trip by LCP

In March 2023, Jolanda and Piet Mathijssen from the Dutch organization “Let the children play (LCP)” will travel to Amasiko Greenschool for one month. There they also want to get a picture of the progress of the school. Amasiko e.V. is looking forward to their travel report.

Completion of the teacher’s house

Middle of January 2023

With the completion of the 3rd section of the teacher’s house, the first 3 teachers have moved in. Our thanks go to the construction manager and master mason Kabarebe, who with his helpers was able to hand over these buildings to the teachers in an amazingly short time.


New Year greetings

January 2023

Amasiko e.V. thanks all supporters and friends and wishes a peaceful, healthy and successful year 2023. Together with all involved parties the association will accompany and continue to support the Amasiko Greenschool and the community Hamukaka with full commitment.

Let there be Light

November 2022

The construction of a photovoltaic plant is taking shape. The lack of electricity hinders the development of the school.

Our general meeting is over!

October 2022

Many intensive conversations, suggestions, discussions. New projects are initiated, e.g.installation of a photovoltaic system.

Trip to Uganda with impressive experiences

October 2022

At the general meeting held at the end of October, the participants of the trip reported on their impressions and the information they had gained. This provided ample material for discussions and suggestions for further projects. Especially with regard to their urgency and the prerequisite for feasibility.

Discussions in a cheerful atmosphere between Dr. Wolfgang Pfaff-Simoneit, 1st chairman Amasiko e.V. with the two responsible persons on site, the technical director Frank Akankwasa and Nice Kekirunga, member of the schools board of directors.




The children, the teaching team and residents of the village welcome the guests with singing.




The tour group is bid farewell after a four-week stay.


september 2022

Due to the Corona pandemic, the Amasiko Greenschool could not be visited. This year, a trip to our project in Uganda took place again for the first time.Under the leadership of the 1st chairman of the association Amasiko e.V.,Dr. Wolfgang Pfaff-Simoneit and the treasurer Monika Simoneit, as well as other members of the association and the support group, current developments at the school and in the village, as well as further projects were discussed on site. After the four-week trip with intensive encounters, the group returned to Germany in good health with a variety of impressions and suggestions for further cooperation.


The travel fever rises

July 2022

Preparations for Hamukaka are in full swing.Some members of Amasiko e.V. will visit the Amasiko Greenschool and the  community of Hamukaka in September.

construction of a teacher´s house

May 2022

Due to the rainy season, work on the Teacher´s House was interrupted for a short time. Work started again at the beginning of May. The road was passable, the building material could be delivered and Master Mason Kabarebe and his helpers resumed work.

New School year

a new school year began on may 9. teachers, parents and students were looking forward to this day.

Re-Opening of the Amasiko Green School

The school was reopened on 10 January 2022. Hooray!!

All teachers and 232 students are back on board.

Construction of a teacher´s house

December 2021

The foundation was completed by the end of 2021.


October 2021

The general meeting of Amasiko e.V. on 02 and 03 October 2021 decides to finance the construction of a teacher´s  house with accommodation for 10 teachers. Due to the high costs, the  construction is to be realised in two phases. The aim is to provide the basis for the existing teaching staff to continue their commitment to the school and to attract new, qualified teachers to work in this rural region.

Covid 19 situation in Hamukaka

August 2021

Technical director and local chief of Hamukaka village, Frank Akankwasa, informs, that currently no resident of the village has been diagnosed with Covid 19 or has died so far. However, only two residents of the community have been vaccinated yet. All schools in Uganda are still closed.

Covid 19 increased rapidly


Technical director Frank Akankwasa informs, that there are many deaths of Covid 19 in the district’s capital city Kabale. The municipalities are very concerned. There is a strict lockdown.

Amasiko Greenschool closed for Covid-19


As of Sunday evening, 06.06.2021, 20:00, schools in Uganda have been closed for 42 days due to Covid-19. All children are now at home. From 10 June, there will be no more bus movements and people will not be allowed to leave their districts.

Registration of the school


Amasiko Greenschool has now been officially accredited by the Ugandan education authority. The official certificate is now on the table!
For more information see under Projects 2021

More news from the school


The 6th class was allowed to start classes again on 01 March.

News from the school


The registration of the school by the state education authority is largely completed and now everyone is waiting for the school to open to all school students.

The aid has arrived!


With the assistance of the Technical Director, 10 kg of beans and 10 kg of maize flour are distributed to the parents of the students. The rush shows how much the parents have been waiting for it.

A further call for help from Uganda


The restrictions caused by Corona also hit our community Hamukaka hard, even though the direct infection rates are relatively low. On 6 December 2020, we received a call for help from the school’s technical director asking for further food support (see 2020 projects). Most parents and their children have been at home since March, regular school meals are missing and the food situation is becoming more difficult and expensive.
The sum of 2,500 € has been transferred and the aid is starting.
This money will be used to buy basic foodstuffs and distribute them to the parents of the school children under the leadership of Frank Akankwasa.

Thank you to all who make this support possible!